Demix Agrégats, Demix Béton and Demix Construction, divisions of CRH Canada Group Inc., are fully committed to CRH Canada's sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment and social responsibility initiatives.

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An Exceptional Blasting Operation

Laval Blast 2015 2 Group Picture

On May 16 at exactly 9:30 p.m., the Demix Agrégats team conducted a 375,000 ton blasting operation in the LV6 sector of the Laval quarry. This was the biggest blast in an urban area in Quebec history, and it was carried out in complete safety. 

The LV6 sector runs along Boulevard Saint-Martin, lying in a direction that causes blast vibrations to propagate mainly toward stores and homes along Rue Notre-Dame de Fatima. Based on an indepth study, we concluded that a single, massive blast would disturb our neighbours less than several weekly blasts over three months. This was also the best solution from an operational point of view.   

The preparation phase lasted more than a month and a half, with an average of 12 people working on the project per day, including external consultants. For prevention purposes, a communications campaign prior to the blast targeted the City of Laval and its residents. On the day of the blast, 22 people—two soccer teams’ worth—were on hand to secure the perimeter and ensure that everything ran smoothly.

With the collaboration of the Laval police and firefighting team, we were able to guarantee our neighbours’ safety.   

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this great team effort!