Demix Agrégats, Demix Béton and Demix Construction, divisions of CRH Canada Group Inc., are fully committed to CRH Canada's sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment and social responsibility initiatives.

This section is dedicated to sharing our initiatives that support that commitment. We encourage you to bookmark this section and visit us regularly to learn about our latest activities.

Concrete Pavements in Québec: Bridging state of the art projects with yesterday’s infrastructure
Over the last ten years, Demix Construction built more than 70% of concrete roads in Québec, and has contributed to put this innovative and sustainable solution forward. Indeed, did you know that on a sunny summer day, the asphalt paving temperature could be 20°C higher than the concrete paving one? Concrete Pavements contributed to the reduction of head islands and because they last longer, they enable to put less pressure on our resources.

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