Concrete pour at Evergreen Brick Works pervious pavement

Did you know concrete has one of the longest life spans of any construction material? Its reliability has been proven for centuries from Rome’s Pantheon to the infrastructure of modern, developed nations.

Concrete is often the material of choice for bridges and buildings, roads and sidewalks, ports and dams, offshore production platforms and homes. Why is that?

  • Creates local jobs – The average delivery distance of ready-mix concrete to a construction site is approximately 20 km, making it a local source for local jobs.
  • Delivers the strength you need – With compression strengths ranging from 25 to 120 MPa depending on mixture, concrete can handle it all from millions of cars on a highway to the largest planes on a runway.
  • Makes buildings greener – Recyclable and reusable, concrete is an environmentally friendly building material, making it ideal when pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Certification.

Insulated concrete walls can lower home heating and cooling bills by up to 25%.

  • Offers endless options – Beginning as a liquid, concrete takes the shape of its formwork, offering limitless design possibilities. Add to that practically any colour and texture options, and you have the perfect addition to any home, landscape or building.
  • Lowers costs – Sustainable, energy efficient, resilient and economical for constructing everything from bridges to buildings, concrete can lower construction and operating costs.
  • Lasts and lasts – Resistant to fire, rust, rot and mildew, as well as heat, wind, water, vibration and seismic loading, no other building material can match concrete’s durability.