Spotlight On Major Projects

La Romaine Hydroelectric Dam

Four generating stations capable of producing 1,550 MW of electrical power.  Towering dam structures reaching up to 109 meters into the sky.  Reservoirs that sprawl hundreds of square kilometres.  Hydro-Québec’s massive La Romaine hydroelectric complex is an impressive feat of engineering.  And, this jewel in the crown of Quebec’s power generating network is being built, in part, using CRH Canada cement.

La Romaine Hydro electric Dam 650x400

La Romaine 2 (the second phase of dam building on La Romaine) is one of the largest infrastructure projects to be carried out in Quebec.

CRH Canada’s mandate for the project involved the supply, transportation and unloading over tens of thousands of tonnes of low heat Portland cement, made to order to Hydro-Québec’s specifications.  The product produced in our Joliette Cement Plant, traveled to the La Romaine 2’s remote project site on Quebec’s North Shore, north of the city of Havre Saint-Pierre.  

Concrete was used primarily to build the power house, the water intake, the spillway, the penstocks, the dam and dikes. 

La Romaine Hydro electric Dam in process 650x400