Portland-Limestone Cement

Portland limestone cement CRH Canada

Portland‐Limestone cement (PLC) is a more sustainable building choice than regular Portland cement, but just as strong and durable:

  • With up to 15% of the clinker used to produce regular Portland cement replaced by limestone, PLC manufacturing generates significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and up to 10% fewer CO2 emissions.
  • This replacement of clinker with limestone also reduces natural resource consumption since 1.6 tonnes of limestone are required to obtain 1 ton of clinker.
  • Limestone is quarried locally and, as a result, its use reduces vehicular emissions due to transport over shorter distances compared with some other mineral components.

A variety of applications

PLC is suitable for a variety of applications from cast-in-place to masonry and precast to ready-mixed concrete. When blended with supplementary cementing materials (SCM), such as slag or fly ash, PLC and regular Portland cement perform similarly. PLC is not currently approved for use in applications where sulphate resistance is required.

Portland-limestone cement (PLC) is in the CSA A 3000 Cementitious Materials Compendium and the CSA A 23.1 Concrete Materials and Methods of Construction guidelines. It is referenced in the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and in the Ontario Building Code (OBC).

Portland limestone cement CRH Canada