Pervious Pavement


Pervious pavement is an important application for sustainable construction and is a leading low-impact development technique used to protect water quality.

A special type of high-porosity concrete, pervious pavement has little or no fine aggregate and just enough cementitious paste to coat the coarse aggregate particles, producing a highly interconnected void content. This allows water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through, reducing stormwater runoff and improving groundwater recharge.

Environmental benefits

  • Meets LEED® requirements for both reducing stormwater runoff and reducing urban heat islands
  • Protects streams and lakes, and replenishes aquifers
  • Allows water and oxygen to reach tree roots
  • BMP for meeting EPA Phase II stormwater regulations
  • Cleans stormwater

Pervious pavement is ideal for parking and light traffic areas, on residential streets and pedestrian walkways, and in greenhouses.