Dufferin Foamcrete

At CRH Canada, we are continuously looking for innovative solutions to meet infrastructure challenges. After decades in the business, Dufferin Concrete a division of CRH Canada recognized one of the major challenges being the need for a light-weight, versatile solution that provides the strength and durability of concrete but is easy to pump. Dufferin Concrete is proud to offer a solution with Dufferin Foamcrete.

This product has led to a full range of lightweight concrete mixes, aimed specifically at satisfying customer needs.


  • Very high flowability with great pumpability.
  • Self-consolidation
  • Ideal for your next project to fill voids and useful for annular grouting.
  • Provides improved thermal insulation, achieving over 20 times higher insulation result
  •  Weight reduction structure with less steel reinforcements required for slabs, columns, beams and foundations
  • Minimizes water bleeding
  • Fire resistance characteristics 
  • Can be easily re-excavated and recycled. 
  • Floor filling
  • Unstable soil replacements
  • Provides acoustical insulation resulting in sound attenuation to minimize noise pollution


  • Backfill
  • Grouting
  • Insulation
  • Soil stabilization
  • Hollow block filling
  • Precast blocks and panels
  • Sunken portion filling
  • Road sub-base 
  • Trench/pipeline reinstatement
Foamcrete has been used effectively in recent projects such as, the Durham region transit maintenance facility, the Toronto city water main replacement project, the Halton region Trunk Wastewater Main Installation, the Evergreen Brick Works project and Multiple Ministry of Transportation Ontario highway projects.