Innovative Solutions

Exploring materials and methods to give your project advantages both cost effective and cutting edge, we bring innovation to the construction industry. Discover solutions that can not only improve your flexibility, but can also ensure your projects are built to last with minimum environmental impact.


Spotlight on Major Projects

CRH Canada is engaged in a wide variety of projects to create and maintain the roads, bridges, buildings and airports we use every day. Take a look at these featured projects.

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Portland limestone cement application CRH Canada

Portland-Limestone Cement

Portland-limestone cement (PLC) is a more sustainable building choice than regular Portland cement, but just as strong and durable.

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Pervious Pavement

Pervious pavement is an important application for sustainable construction and is a leading low-impact development technique used to protect water quality.

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U Condo Project

One of Dufferin Concrete’s long-term customers, The Pemberton Group engaged the company for their U Condo development.

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