Pervious Concrete Pavement

Did you know that if your home is constructed with insulated concrete form walls, you can lower heating and cooling bills by up to 25%? If you are driving on a concrete highway such as Highway 407 in Ontario, you will save on fuel by 7%? Did you know that concrete can be recycled and has one of the longest lifespans of all construction materials?

In fact, concrete’s track record as the most reliable building material around has been well proven over many centuries. One need only think of the Pantheon, the Roman roads which can still be found throughout Europe, and recently, the infrastructure of any developed nation, to be reminded of this. Because of its strength, durability and flexibility in design, concrete is usually the material of choice for bridges, buildings, roads and sidewalks, ports, dams, offshore production platforms, homes, etc.

Here are some reasons why “Concrete is even smarter than you think”.

Creating local jobs
Concrete is a very local product. The average delivery distance of ready-mix concrete to a construction site is approximately 20 km, which means that concrete is manufactured locally and creates jobs in your local community.

The invincible material
In its most basic form, concrete’s compression strength is 25 MPa and, with today’s admixtures, we can even reach strengths of over 120 MPa. That’s like having a parking pad for a jumbo jet in your backyard.

Even when it is grey, concrete is green
Concrete’s environmentally friendly features make it the building material of choice for sustainability. As per the CEO of the Earth Rangers Center for Sustainable Technology (a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to educating children and their families about biodiversity): “We chose concrete as the material of choice for our building because of its comparatively low impact on biodiversity, its longevity and thermal mass qualities.” Also, not many people are aware that concrete can be recycled and reused! The manufacturing of concrete can also incorporate recycled materials, including industrial by-products otherwise headed for landfill. It’s a great choice for achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Certification points too.

Any shape or form
Concrete is a medium that can easily take on any shape, colour or texture. Because concrete begins in a liquid state, it conforms to the shape of its formwork, resulting in limitless designs. This makes it ideal for any number of applications. Yet another beautiful characteristic of concrete is that it can be customized to a number of different colours. Concrete also has the ability to be textured to create the look you want with the durability you need. There is no other product as capable, versatile or beautiful as concrete, making it the ideal addition to any home, landscape or building.

Concrete is resilient
Concrete has one of the longest lifespans of all construction materials. It does not burn, rust, rot, mildew or melt. It’s resistant to heat, wind, water, vibration and seismic loading. No other building material consistently delivers the proven resiliency and safety that concrete delivers.

Dollars & cents
Concrete is one of the most sustainable, effective and economical choices for the construction of Canada’s infrastructure, including highways, streets, bridges, airports, mass transit systems, commercial and residential buildings, dams and more. Apart from the lifecycle cost, through greater energy efficiency and durability, concrete homes and buildings lower operating costs.