ORBA Safety Campaign: "Site Unseen"

Asphalt application highway at night by Dufferin Construction

How many times have you sped by a construction site to get home faster or beat the traffic? Construction workers are at risk daily in their place of work because of rushing commuters. According to the Ontario Road Builders' Association (ORBA), one in every three drivers admits that they are not always focused on the road while driving. This can lead to speeding, weaving or failing to notice road signage, putting both drivers and road workers at risk, especially in reduced speed construction zones. The message from this study is simple: construction zones are no different than other workplaces and therefore should be treated with respect and consideration for the workers on site.

 A lack of focus and care on drivers’ parts can mean the difference between life and death for road workers. ORBA’s new campaign Site Unseen is a multi-platform, province-wide campaign to promote safe driving in construction zones. Site Unseen shows the challenges faced in construction sites giving viewers an alternate perspective that aims to change driver awareness of the risk they pose in construction zones.

Occupational health and safety is CRH's number one priority and we always want our employees to return to their families and loved ones safely every day. It is important that we are all aware of the hazards and that we share that information with our friends and loved ones so they too remain vigilant when travelling through construction zones. Find out more here and watch the videos here.